What to Expect

Wondering how the therapeutic process works at the Therapy Help Center?  Here is what you can expect for your first therapy sessions.

Your First Session

In your first session, we will review your New Patient Form, discuss your background, and talk about any special concerns you have about the therapy process.  We will review the Privacy Notice, which defines how information about you is secured and kept private by our company, and the Policy Agreement which outlines the rules of our therapy sessions.  These documents are discussed only in our first session.  We will spend the remainder of our first session discussing the issues that brought you to therapy, and the goals you want to achieve through sessions.

Second Session

In our second session, we will concentrate on the details of your background and the events that preceded you seeking therapy.  By the end of this second session, we will have enough foundation to begin work on resolving your issues and developing a therapy plan.

Third Session

Our third session will concentrate on planning, discovery and tools.  We will focus on your history, choices and the outcomes of events central to your issue.  In this session we will discuss a therapy plan, actions you can use to meet your goals, and discuss your commitment to this plan and how we will work together toward your goal.

Future Sessions

Future sessions will focus on mediating the problems and issues that brought you to therapy, executing our therapy plan, and reviewing your progress.  In future sessions you will learn tools and techniques to help you deal with issues, make healthy life choices, and meet your therapeutic goals.


The Therapy Help Center is accessible to those with limited mobility.  There is one 23-centimeter step between the parking area and our office entrance.  Vehicle parking is available within four meters of our therapy meeting room.