Privacy Protection

The Therapy Help Center takes the security and confidentiality of your personal records very seriously.

We are the only fully secure, and HIPAA compliant, psychology center in Thailand.

We keep no paper records that identify you as our client.  Your records are scanned, encrypted, and stored in triple-redundant secured locations.  Your personal information is secured at all times.  Access to electronic files is limited to select authorized personnel within our office.

HIPAA Compliance Privacy Compliance

The Therapy Help Center is the only HIPAA compliant psychology center in Thailand.  HIPAA is a health information security and storage standard enacted by the United States in 1996.  This Act defines how your sensitive personal health information must be stored to insure it cannot be accessed without your permission.

Records Storage

After each therapy session your records are scanned, encrypted and electronically stored.  The paper copy of your records is then destroyed by security-compliant methods and removed from our offices daily.

Our Privacy Policy

You can download a copy of our HIPAA Privacy Notice here.