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Our 11th Year in Northern Thailand
The Leading Western Psychotherapy Service in Thailand

Therapy Help Center is a psychology service center located in Chiang Mai.

For the last ten years we’ve proudly served as the leading western psychotherapy service in Thailand.

We offer western psychotherapy in a safe, comfortable, and professional space.  We specialize in treating anxietydepression, and PTSD.

Trusted, Reliable, Professional
We provide a level of care and expertise matched by no other psychotherapy group in Southeast Asia.  

Here or There – We’re Close By
If you’re here we’re just 10 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai — easy to find in the peaceful gardens of Ing Doi Village.

If you’re over there — remote therapy is available.  Contact us for an appointment here.

We’re Affordable
Our sessions are available in three affordable options.  Our service fees are listed here.

Are You Depressed, Anxious, or Alone?
Feeling isolated, depressed, anxious, or lonely?  You are not alone.  Talk with us about the special challenges and stresses that come from working and living in Thailand.

Are You a Foreigner Working or Living in Thailand?
Expats face special challenges living in Thailand.  You are not alone.  If you are feeling isolated, depressed, lonely, or anxious we can provide the help and the tools you need to feel better again.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed
We take the security and confidentiality of your personal information seriously.  We are the only fully secure HIPAA compliant psychology center in Thailand.  Learn more about how far we go to protect and secure your privacy on our confidentiality page.

We’re Accessible
The Therapy Help Center is accessible to those with limited mobility.  There is one 23-centimeter step between the parking area and our office.  Vehicle parking is available within four meters of our therapy room.

Contact Us
Ready to make a booking?  Have more questions?  Need more information?  Call our office at 081 930 0100 or write to us by secure email.