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The Negative of 1

  What’s so wrong about being by myself?   Some clients speak of being alone as an earned reward.  The freedom of being on their own allows them power to direct their time without the encumbrance of compromise.  I nod and agree.  Being alone brings freedom and self-direction. I also know that being alone can […]

Know No Time

It was his head. He spoke about an explosion, how it had gone off just a few feet away, forward of his colleague walking in front of him.  He told me how his colleague was thrown to the side, how he scrambled to pull him back into the pathway where it was safe.  He looked […]

Fantasy Lock

Why can’t they just admit it?  How difficult could that be? Sometimes a specific question or issue drives a client to seek help.  Other times a client’s reaction to the choices of others bothers them most.  Many times these two issues come from the same source of trouble. Working with these issues is daunting and […]

The Constant and the Variables

  Why does this keep happening to me?  I carefully listen as a client will tell the same story over and again.  The people and locations are variable, but the themes and core of the story are constant.  No matter what the variable, the outcome of the stories does not change.  Many people cannot hear […]

Consider Amnesia

Have you considered amnesia? If we are affected by our past, then what would happen if we could forget? The application of experience is a method of predicting future outcome.  If you walk onto frozen ice, and hear a crack, you apply a prediction pattern and race off the ice to preserve your safety.  This […]

I Created You

Clients often ask how did they get to this point in their lives. The answer?  I created you. The choices you make create the world around you.  No one else can make these choices but you.  No one else can push you into directions you did not accept, down paths you did not choose.  For […]